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MBA SBA X Manchester United Consulting Project (App Closes 1/20)


Apply Here (This opportunity is available for MBA1s and MBA2s and will be a cross-functional team across MBA SBA member schools)

Project Title

Assessment of eCommerce Product Strategy for the US

Duration/Time Commitment

~6-8 Weeks, ~4 Hours a week

Project Overview:


The US is a priority market for Manchester United and the club is considering a holistic fan strategy for the US. As a part of this, the club is seeking to better understand how to increase demand for eCommerce merchandise from existing fans and new fans entirely. The eCommerce strategy will be core to a wider consumer strategy e.g. (Marketing, media, sponsorships, tours, etc.)

The Project Question

Review Manchester United's current merchandise product range in the context of its relevance for the US market. How should we involve this range?

  1. Better monetize existing audience

  2. Attract new audience/buyers?

Potential Components of Deliverable (to be defined in first briefing meeting):

  • Product Offering Analysis

    • Critique of the current range of products

    • Suggested categories & products

  • Pricing Analysis

    • Recommendations around price points, e.g. mix of mono-brand products (traditionally cheaper) vs. dual-branded products

  • Promotional Strategy

    • What does the customer want and expect from Black Friday

    • Are there any other promotional moments/strategies we need to be aware of

  • US Competitive Analysis

    • What US teams use and what could translate for European soccer teams

    • Understanding the price sensitivity of the US retail market vs. the European market (e.g. outlet driven nature) if relevant to sports merchandise

    • Target consumer personas

  • Other recommendations not related to the product are welcome but not the core part of the task e.g. marketing, website, UX, etc.


Presentation to the club; commercial director (eCommerce & Venue), Head of Buying, Director of Consumer Marketing


The club is happy to provide support from senior members of merchandising, marketing & commercial departments to provide guidance during the project. This will be TBD as required


Please note the quick turnaround date on this application is to align with Manchester United's schedule

  • 1/16 (Monday): Applications Open

  • 1/20 (Friday): Applications Close at 12 PM EST

  • 1/21 (Saturday): Consulting Team Announced

  • 1/23 (Monday): Kick-Off Meeting with Client at 11:30 AM EST

    • Casual meeting to give context/clarity on the scope and desired deliverable

    • No preparation needed besides questions

  • Team and Client to align on check-ins and presentations over the life of the project

MBA SBA Project Leads

Please contact Hannah Rubin ( & Saskia van Rheenen ( if you have any further questions

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