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Techstars Sports Internship Program

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Techstars Sports Internship Program

Interested in becoming an Intern for Techstars Sports? You will help build the next amazing batch of sports tech startups, as they grow from early stage to venture-backed companies. From entrepreneurs, to investors, to mentors, your network is about to explode beyond all reasonable comprehension. You will have the opportunity to sit in on mentor meetings – get to know the best entrepreneurs and investors in the city. You will also have access to full involvement in Techstars social events with the founders and local community.

It’s basically a chance to get amazing experience, broaden your network in ways you could never imagine and get exposure to some of the greatest up and coming companies and teams in the country. Meet over 200 professionals across all categories within sports tech and business, from organizations like the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, NHL, Nike, PUMA, Adidas, Octagon, WHOOP, FanDuel, Overtime, ShotTracker, FightCamp, Underdog, Prizepicks and many more. Historically, most associates and interns end up being employed by one of the teams or by someone they met during the span of the three months. Many also go on to build their own companies.

General Job Description

As a Techstars Sports Intern, you will be working with one of our ten portfolio companies in a very hands on environment. You will serve as a key member of the team throughout the 13 week program. We are looking for folks who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation and who are excited about growing the sports tech ecosystem here in Indianapolis. Ideal candidates will be either rising juniors or seniors at the undergraduate level who are enrolled in business, entrepreneurship or sports management programs. All interns will be required to receive college credit towards their degree in order to fulfill the role. The program will be hybrid with some virtual and in-person aspects included. This is an incredibly unique experience to learn how a company is built from experienced founders and play an instrumental role in supporting their quest to scale.

About Techstars Sports

The Techstars Sports Accelerator will have a key focus on innovation with goals to foster early identification of key trends for future technology in sport; meaningful engagement with early-stage sports tech companies; embrace technologies and business models that will impact the sports industry; and enhance a culture of internal innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Please see some of our alumni companies below:

  • Ergatta

  • WePlayed

  • REZA

  • Project Admission

  • Beastcoast

  • Tennibot

  • Beastcoast

  • Pistol Lake

  • Flexia

  • PlayerData

  • SeasonShare

  • OYA Femtech

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